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Well, it plays Divinity Original Sin 2 Mac is pretty special in it and I’ll be honest. Like we, when we both jumped into it at first, like, what we did at first was Jake jumped into my game halfway through. He was a little bit further ahead than I was. So he jumped in and helped me out. And then what happens is he takes over one of my party members and I can assign him another part member.

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Divinity Original Sin 2 Mac

All for the purposes of research. Of course that’s a lie cause I totally forgot. I should have been recording footage halfway through it because that’s so much fun. I was having played. Yeah, we have a nice time. So we played a solo and we jumped into a campaign mode together. The fruits of our labor. You will see Divinity Original Sin 2 Mac Download on the screen as we talk about it. Let me give you a little bit of background about the different original sin too. I mean, even the name sounds complicated. Um, what is, yeah, it gets worse. It gets. More complicated. Uh, it’s tight. It’s gained from Larian studios. It’s a massive game. So that’s why a lot of people are only covering it this week, including our salmon.

There’s a lot of buzz around it. A lot of people are talking about it and it’s completely specific to the PC audience, I guess. And it’s a very specific set of games who are going to play and enjoy this. And if you’re outside of that bubble, you’ll be asking, what the hell is this game? Why is everyone raving about it? And, uh, I guess there’s a question that is worth addressing because it’s a bloody. Good game. Yeah, it’s been getting quite a lot of mainstream heads turn him like you’re seen as a niche ring, but people are saying, hang on him. And it was one of the main appeals for the, for the average person.

Gameplay Divinity Original Sin 2 Mac

The average PC player is it’s a big RPG, uh, like powers of attorney or boulders key and all that, which revolve around parties that you can actually play. Another part you remember to control as well. Uh, and that was all right. That was quite fun. But then, you know, it kind of felt like the half, half the experience almost. And then we jumped in and created these two characters that you can see on the screen right now. I was the majestic looking wizard there with what could only be described as a fabulous gown.I mean, there’s no word for it.

He’s a maid. So I guess she’s got where that kind of stuff, I suppose. And jokes the guy with a bucket on his head. Yeah. The, uh, the lizards are known for keeping slaves in this world. You can make your accidental, you can make your own assumptions. Yeah. It’s just, it’s just the character that I was playing with happened to be a. You know, from the get go.

I mean, in terms of the campaign itself, you can start like your own car, so you can invent your own characters and entirely you can also pick pre-made characters with their own origin stories, things like that. Um, we jumped into the cult company as our own car. It’s sort of like you just seen here, Mike’s picked a gigantic Divinity Original Sin 2 Download for Mac lizards. His name is gizzard. The lizard wizard. That’s correct. I picked the, this elf guy called Jake, which is my name.

I’m the, he’s a cannibal with the ability to polymorph. He can turn enemies into chickens. He can turn his arm into a tentacle, all sorts of good stuff. One thing we should know about ISE, we were both kind of playing outside of our comfort zone, Zach, cause I always played like. It’s hunky kind of character. I love being up in people’s faces. That’s how I play everything I saw. I play like destiny and stuff. I like being a big, like abrasive character.

That’s always in the mix. And then Jake, you’re kind of more of a Rogie kind of thing, right? Like stealing. I did like stealing. In fact, I couldn’t help that even on our play for your hair. Cheer, if a woman saying to Mike, Oh, life’s hard. Yeah. My kids died. Your friends close, though. You hear me? That’s what she was saying to me while Jake was stealing from her pockets. And it was a very useful spell in my defense that necessary for the I’ve read them to the world or something heal wounds, which she’s done.

When she found out she was robbed, it caused a few new ones. She goes on to say I’d been robbed. And she, uh, she looks, she looks to Mike for answers. She searches him. But then I’ve already used the spell book, so that’s been kind of a skill and then Chuck, and then she’s gone and she’s kind of apologized for wasting my time. Cause I didn’t steal it. There’s I? Yeah, exactly. The book on his house.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Mac Download

No after Divinity Original Sin 2 for Mac . So it’s kind of touches on a certain. Aspect of the game that is very open and I, and that’s the skill classes and things like that. So like I said, I stole something, but it was for Mike to you, not for me because it’s a, it’s a wizard ability. It’s a major belly healing, uh, and that just Tufts in. So one of the things that you can do in this game, you learn skills, right? Uh, Def you can mix and match as much as you want.

You can learn water abilities, fire ability, so you can raise the dad and things like that. The schemes. Very open for, for a lot of reasons. But the skill sets is one of the most enjoyable ones. Yeah. Flexible. Isn’t it. But yeah, you’re totally right though. I mean, the fact that it’s so open is the main thing. I think that is why people love it so much because it’s like a role play as game. You can just go in there and do whatever you want and be whoever you want and do what you want.

And the game Divinity Original Sin 2 Free Download is built to make things happen. For you. So it’s not like preset things. It’s not like mass effect role-playing or even something like fable or something. That’s got lay this really clear and obvious. It will be who you want to be kind of marketing stuff around it. This is like, like anything, anything that you can apply logic to. We’ll probably work in a game and it’ll just, what we’ll do is give you a set of problems Divinity Original Sin 2 Full Game and no indication as to how to solve them. You’ve got to use your own initiative. You’ve got to speak to people and they will give you, um, you know, they will give you hints and stuff because that’s how the world works in real life.

There’ll be, people will just give you bits of knowledge. And that that comes right through in like, The quest log, which is one of my favorite things about the game is presented to you as a diary of information Divinity Original Sin 2 Download Free that you’ve got rather than here is a map. Marker. Go to that map, marker. And do this thing. It just tells you, Oh, you spoke to this person.

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  6. After installation, close application.
  7. PLAY!

Game Gallery Divinity Original Sin 2 Mac Download

Divinity Original Sin 2 download for mac

They said there might be something buried under a tree somewhere and you, you, so then you start digging around in the trees and stuff and you try to narrow down which tree it Wells. For example, that’s not an actual question. Well, that’s kind of how it’s built. If you know what I mean, the quests, not yet. They don’t really involve things like go and fetch me 10 sticks and an hour solid. That’s absolutely shit at the, no, when you’ve got is, it’s only like you might want this in the future. Cause it’s a pretty cool thing.

I’ve heard about this school’s pair of gloves. That somewhere that might be awesome. A lot of it is like that. It gives you an incentive to go and search it yourself. I mean, in terms of the, the open function of it, the very beginning challenge your face or visit you on some sort of a. Full to find Island.

And you’ll have to get out with this for how do you want to do that? Well, any way you see fit, think about it logically, how would you escape from a castle? If you’re a wizard? Could I say, could I teleport Alydar? Yeah. Okay. Go for the sewers. Maybe. Yeah. Run through that same area of five times you could do it five different ways. Yeah, exactly. You don’t have to apply like this video game logic where.

There’s a door that’s locked and you think, right? Which boss do I have to get exactly to get the key? Doesn’t hold your hand. And these are the things that a lot of people that watch our videos complain about, um, handhold and patronize and gameplay and things. That’s too easy. These are, this game Divinity Original Sin 2 Mac is brutally hard. I mean, what you just saw there on the screen is, is, uh, something was on fire and then you put like oil or whatever, an element or effect on top of it.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Mac

And suddenly there’s fire everywhere. And that’s another part of where that kind of logic comes through in the game, plays the combat because much like the first one, although it has been refined, I’m sure Jacob explained it better in a minute. It’s built around logic. If there’s a puddle of war, You can freeze it or you can electrify it or you can vaporize it, it becomes a cloud. And then that cloud, you can electrify. And then there’s a cloud of electricity in the air instead. And it’s all these element and all effects are crucial to winning games, winning battles.

And there’s, there’s things dotted around each kind of battle area, I guess like barrels and, you know, just environmental effects that are actually. The things that you need to worry about and think about when you’re strategizing, it’s an incredibly tactically deep game. I’m speaking to someone who’s a huge fan of ex-com it’s exactly that kind of gameplay, that kind of tactically planning ahead, like a game Divinity Original Sin 2 Mac Download of chess or something it’s insanely deep, detailed, and applies that logic to it, which is just, and I maybe set that. Can I set that puddle of poison on fire?

Divinity Original Sin 2 mac

Yes, you can. It’s a puddle of poison and it will erupt in flames. It’s great. Things like that, that make the difference in most games. It doesn’t matter if you’re killing a goblin and an icy mountain, a desert swamp. It doesn’t mean that you’re just bashing on a goal, but he cares about the, yeah, this is super important. I mean, with the first divinity original sin, I had two characters. I controlled them. One of them was, uh, Casta. So first thing I do every game was I sat everyone to sleep and then they would all miss that turn.

I’ve used the rest of my party to slot them. This game kind of stops you doing that with the army system, which you can see at both the health bars status and matcha karma and its physical arm. You have to knock these armors down before you can apply late, long glass and effects on people like knocking them down or causing them to bleed. You can rupture people’s tendons. So when they move it or atrophy, so when they’re trying to attack yet, they damage themselves. You can’t apply any of those effects until the arm. Done this, you have to kind of really tactfully figure out.

This guy has got limited magic karma. So I’ll use spells in this one, scalable as well as it. I mean, there is a mode where it’s like a little bit, um, you know, easier, you can just kind of explore and the bottle is kind of scaled, so it’s a lot more friendly, but even that I’ve heard can be quite.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Download for Mac

You know, it doesn’t completely hold your hand and it doesn’t, you know, you still have to apply some thoughts to it. And it goes way up to kind of rock hard levels of, of having to at least have played through the game. A couple of times before you can take on the hardest first game Divinity Original Sin 2 Download for Mac , I’d completely on tactician mode, which is a really challenging most of the portals. And I had to use a little bit of environmental effects and things like that. I think I’ve got a lot. Of practice. And I had to meet before. I can say consultation mode in this game.

And to be honest, right now, it seems impossible. Like I w I have no motivation to try it because it seems too hard. It’s still difficult. It’s not like this power creep. Right. So if you feel like you have all these abilities and all these things that you can do, but the skill comes in using those at the right time and the right places and the right, you know, environments situations like it’s, even though you’re overloaded with powerful abilities, It’s not ever easy because the enemy is difficult.

The enemy has abilities, and you need to know when to use them. That armor thing is a real thing that you need to think about because it just stops all kinds of effects. It’s a very cleverly built system all around. Yeah. Just stop the game of coming to repair if they introduced skills. So like you say, and it ends up rather than making yourself feel overpowered, you feel like I’ve got enough new tricks on my book to try and combat these tough enemies. And the combat system is one of the richest and deepest I’ve seen in any RPG under.

Talk about the conduct as much. I feel like is it the service to the rest of the game? Because it’s like every single element of this game has got so much depth. Like the first doctor was the area that was available for early access. So people had a year to explore that and I thought maybe that’s going to be a good chunk of the game, but no, the game looks massive and lots of people have been spending about 30 hours just in the first area. And that’s still am for most AAA games these days.

Divinity Original Sin 2 full game mac

Yeah. The music. Has changed immensely and each new area I’ve been in and it’s something that’s really standing out a lot. So like every little detail down to the nooks and crannies of speaking to animals, he is an optional thing. On a scheme, you can teach yourself a perk to speak to animals. You don’t need to do that, but I’m for example, right now, speaking to a dog, uh, again, only optional, but he still wrote every single thing.

It’s all voice like that. Every line, uh, I don’t actually, uh, Well, in terms of the dialogue itself and the question stories, a lot of these games like pillars of attorney Boulder’s gate and all that, they’re super high fantasy RPG to get really powerful and they take on quite a dark tone and it’s all super serious. This one might just to sneak a lot of humor in, and it’s a funny game it’s made me laugh out loud.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Full Game Mac

And I, I found myself, God reminds me of feeble WAM, and there’s some that we’ve mentioned for four and we quite a few times. Yeah. It, it definitely, I mean, you feel like you could have put the fable soundtrack over some of this and it fit right in, I mean, the kind of humor and stuff is right there. Some of the dialogue is really well written, which is quite unusual, to be honest for me to think that in a game like this, I think as far as criticisms go for the game is so far is getting pretty overwhelmingly positive stuff on reaction, align, the reviews have been.

Really high. I mean, the highest I’ve seen is 9.75 or something cold game and gave it a 10. Correct. Right now it’s set in 95. So yeah, it’s really high, but I mean, as far as criticisms go, if you look at this, the problem I had with the first game was that if it’s so open, right? So if you’re not on board and not fully understanding what this game is, you probably won’t. Really appreciate what is so great about it.

You’ll be in be intimidated by it. In fact, in the first game, I find myself kind of, you know, every, every Avenue I went down and I was getting destroyed because there was only one way you could go down. Um, that was a huge criticism from the first game, but they feel, I feel like they’ve streamlined that really well, this time around. And they’ve kind of. They’ve just kind of made me feel welcomed in the world while also just letting me play around.

And I’ve not felt like, I shouldn’t be fighting these enemies yet. I always feel like I could scrape through every battle. You know, the first game has major criticisms lie in the first act of the game where you are, um, charged, not charged. Well, you’re tasked, we’ve sold in quite an inane and boring murder. And then, you know, you kind of talking to all these people and, and you have to read a diary and it could be talking Divinity Original Sin 2 for Mac to a little bit more people than you feel comfortable with, because it might be important to the story.

Divinity Original Sin 2 download free

Divinity Original Sin 2 Download

Yeah. This it’s as simple as escape. This place that you’re in, you could do the whole thing about talking to anyone. Yeah. Figure it all out yourself. So you don’t feel like. Bogged down in a story that you’re already not invested in, you’re invested in yourself and the story is you need to get out. So it’s like, it’s a masterclass now. Um, it’s incredibly hard. Buy-in for non biased point of view, because I was such a big problem

The first one, and I was simultaneously loving the idea of talking about this game. But at the same time, it’s really hard for me to think of any criticisms of the game so far. I can’t decide if that’s because the game is. That good. Or I am that bias and I’ve just bought more of divinity and it managed to do that. I’m better than that is what the big question is though.

I think like you’re saying that you’re biased about and stuff because you love the person I get. I get, I feel excited for it. You know, you’re gonna, you’re gonna feel excited here. We’re saying yeah, yeah, totally. Right, but, but Y can you answer, why do you think like this one has been so popular compared to the first one? Cause even you said you’re surprised yourself. Like you don’t, you know, you weren’t expecting this level of like conversation online and the fact that here’s the big stuff for me, that it was the fourth, most played game on steam for a little while, which is like a record for CRP G like this, which is an old school kind of RPG.

SmashFly what’s the big be I got a very. Good way of introducing all of its features in a very palatable weight, but at time you two hours in, even though you still got a lots of learn, you don’t feel overwhelmed. They’ve really worked with we’ve listened into the fronts, which is like literally what African developers should be doing. And now we’re seeing this level of hype.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Full Game

They’re more interested in creating their own game. And this has given you a tool set, perhaps it could be that it’s got a huge following of the D D the people who are in on it kind of knew it would be a great game. And it’s hot. It’s hot. These, um, really strong reviews now, and really high player counts that reflect that. Now they’re looking at bringing it to other platforms. Like they said, if it’s a success, we’ll bring it to Mark.

Theory, I’ve gotten, I’ll keep this very brief. And I’m, if anyone’s listened to the video this far, and you’re probably wondering why haven’t I brought us up divinity original sin has got a string. The only Napa Divinity Original Sin 2 Free Download with a night Saturday, you can make your own campaign. You can make your own pen and paper campaign with a game master mode and you can run campaigns. You can even run Dungeons and dragons campaigns and his lost mine’s a fund Oliver. Could it be that a lot of these sales alike? D and D funds and pen and paper RPG funds that are like more creative.

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