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A couple of weeks ago, my whole friend group decided that they were going to start playing Apex Legends Mac . And so over the course of probably two or three weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to teach them the game. And in a way it’s really taught me a lot about the game and really made me. More aware of the flaws that I’ve kind of overlooked.

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Apex Legends Mac

I wanted to take a really good look at the good things about the game. The things that have really stood out and stood the test of time, as far as the life of the game. It’s been out for about 14 months. So I think we’re at a pretty good time to look back over the game and compare it to other games that are still around as well as new games that are coming out and kind of compare them a little bit.

Just feel so good to use, but I’m going to tie that into movement. Now, call of duty war zone does have sliding, but I personally don’t think the sliding is nearly as useful or satisfying as the mechanic and apex legends. Additionally, I think that’s really where. The comparison ends with all of the other battle Royale games, the ability to wall climb and to wall jump and to wall run and to wall run.

Gameplay Apex Legends Mac

So we’re going to start with some of my favorite features about the game. Then we’re going to talk about some bad features of the game, and then we’re going to finish with. How it stacks up with other games in the same genre or games that are competing for the same player base. This video is both for players who are involved with other games and are looking to see if they’re interested in Apex Legends Mac Download or players who are just starting out in apex and sorry that the game isn’t going to last that much longer, or that it’s not worth investing their time into.

Now, we’re going to talk about movement as a separate thing. I’ve never played a game. That’s as reliant on you, being able to consistently hit your shots as apex legends, because of that reason, it’s so important for the game to have good weapon mechanics. And quite honestly, the weapon mechanics in apex legends are phenomenal.

Every gun feels so different than the other guns in the game. Even ones within its own, a bullet class. That I don’t think any other game that’s out right now or will be out in the near future, we’ll be able to surpass the incredible feeling of using the weapons and apex. They’re so satisfying to use guns like the wing man or the Sentinel or the R 99.

Apex Legends Mac Download

But it’s also for the average or above average player. So let me know down in the comments, if you’re one of those people, if you agree with my lists of good and bad and without further ado, let’s get into these. So the first thing that I think really, really sets this game aside from other games with the same class is it’s time to kill which I’m going to tie into gunplay.

So in many other games, Like pub G or call of duty war zone. It’s almost instantaneous that you die. You could get shot with a sniper rifle and it’s a one-shot you’re dead. Apex Legends Download for Mac does take a little bit longer, but I believe apex legends has the longest time to kill, which means that the game really revolves around your ability to maneuver and to use your guns.

How to Download and install Apex Legends MAC Free

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  3. Accept User License Agreement and choose path installation
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  5. After downloading go to installation.
  6. After installation, close application.
  7. PLAY!

Game Gallery Apex Legends Mac Download

Then jump is so crucial. To becoming successful in Apex Legends Download for Mac . It adds such an awesome skill ceiling. As far as movement goes, there’s so much to learn when it comes to apex, which might be kind of scary and daunting at first. But it’s actually a really fun thing to experiment with. I love just running around the map and wall, jumping off things while jumping to see if I can get on top of certain objects.

Apex Legends Mac

While running across the lava craters, it adds such a fantastic layer to the gameplay that no other game that’s out right now can compare with. I know a lot of people say that tightened falls movement is actually better. As far as the modern multiplayer games go. I think apex legends has by far the best movement, I would say stop playing whatever game you’re playing right now and play apex legends just for the movement.

It’s so freeing. When I played war zone for the couple of days that you guys were asking me to, I really felt like I was boxed in and I couldn’t move anywhere. I couldn’t climb the things I wanted to, and that presents its own challenges that I think are unique to war zone. But I just love the freeing ability to climb up things and wall jumping, all that stuff.

Apex Legends Download for Mac

Next, let’s talk about lower. There’s no other battle Royale video game. At least in the mainstream that has character lore, like apex does. Every single character has such a unique past and has such unique abilities that are tied into their lower. Everything about the game is so perfectly planned and packaged.

It’s just. It’s an absolute joy to watch like the town takeovers coming out and just subsets of that. We also have things that are outside the game. Like the stories from the Outland series that no other video game is doing. It really feels like your living in the story with these characters. And it really creates a bond between you and the character that you mean.

Hopefully you don’t. Take on the personality traits of the characters that you made because there aren’t very many good people in the apex games, but the lore is just so exciting. I’ve spent, I can’t even tell you how many hours researching the lower the devs on Twitter. Especially the ones who talk about lore, Tom and Manny are the greatest people will either answer your question right away on Twitter or give you some snarky reply, but they are such fantastic devs.

Apex Legends Full Game Mac

And the last point that I want to talk about is the unique character abilities. Now when I was playing war zone and pub G and I’ve never played Apex Legends Mac , but I believe it’s the same thing in fortnight. Every character has the same abilities. And while there are upsides to this, like you can have solos, duos and squads.

The downside is that gameplay gets repetitive a lot more quickly. I have about 2,400 games on race. And I haven’t gotten bored of her because I’m continually learning new things about what her abilities can do when to use them, what scenarios they work best in. And she’s only one of the. Think 11 characters that we have right now might be 12 after Revenant.

Apex Legends Download

So if I ever wanted to stop playing her, I could easily put another 500 hours on every other legend, just learning them. So there’s so much in this game to do. You could be playing this for the next five years and still not have mastered all the characters. So those are my reasons why I really, really strongly think that you should at least give apex a try.

If you’ve played apex for a hundred, 200, 500, a thousand hours, and you’re still watching this just to support me. I hope that opened your eyes to how kind of good we have it with apex compared to a lot of other games that either are lacking in lore or constrict your movement. But as with everything, apex does have its weaknesses.

Apex Legends Full Game

It doesn’t have nearly as much content as other games. Now I haven’t played pub G in quite a long time, but that was the first game that I had a battle pass in. Obviously Apex Legends Mac Download invented the modern battle pass and another game kind of copied that, but in comparison to those games and even war zone, which just came out a couple of weeks ago, apex, doesn’t get.

Even close to as much content as they do. I believe the four nice stores rotate every two days as opposed to apex is seven days. We also don’t get as many events. Although the events that we do get are usually pretty great. They’re really fun. The event that’s going on right now, the bloodhound old ways event is pretty cool.

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