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Unlike some other titles with the word simulator in them followed by a year. Bus Simulator 18 Mac , it seems to actually be able to, well thought out and decently made title from the get-go featuring officially licensed buses is definitely a good sign in my books. The goal of the game is twofold.

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Bus Simulator 18 Mac

Firstly, it’s about driving buses, keeping to a schedule and a being the rules of the road. And secondly, this is about running your own bus company, meaning having to manage profits and loss, staff, branding, and sponsorship, as well as setting up routes and taking account of route to viability. This is something I have not seen in another title to this extent, but before we go on further into that, it’s time for the specs.

Available for windows seven, eight and 10, but only in 64 bit variants bus stimulates 2018 requires a minimum spec of an Intel or AMD phenom X four processor running around 3.2, 3.3 gigahertz, 60 gigabytes of Ram, and a GTX seven 50 or equivalent graphics card. The minimum specs are actually not that high for a modern machine, but if your machine was a budget machine from say a few years ago, you may find yourself struggling just a little bit.

Gameplay Bus Simulator 18 Mac

Recommended specs state for Bus Simulator 18 Mac Download a fourth-generation Intel four seven four six 74, six 70 or better, uh, processor or you’re looking at, uh, an AMD FX eight, three 70. And you’re looking at about 3.4 gigahertz for the Intel, maybe going up towards four gigahertz for the AMD processor as well as eight gigabytes of Ram.

And they say a GTX nine 70 or AMD radio on, uh, On nine, two 90 a graphics card. That’s being said, I’m running this on albeit and over clocks, but a seven 80 TA. And it seems to be running absolutely fine as you’re going to see from the footage. Um, but that is still somewhat on the higher end. Even a nine 70 is going towards a higher end, maybe not current generation, but still going up there.

Direct X 11 is also required as you would expect as well as six and a half gigabytes of storage space. Be that a hard drive or SSD right back to the title itself. As I said, bus seminate is not just about driving buses, bus about running a bus company and ensuring routes are optimized and efficient. It was definitely different starting up the game.

Bus Simulator 18 Mac Download

I was happy to see that immediately. There was some color tuning to ensure that the game was displayed correctly on my screen. And because I have a screen that is slightly outside the normal. Uh, or the norms on color display. I did need to make sure that I made some adjustments. I was also pleased that immediately picks up my steering wheel.

So with an immediate pickup of the steering wheel, you know, that they’ve thought about this and the options for setting up my wheel. Well, plenty for including dead zones and expanded values for sensitivity and linearity. Graphics options were similarly detailed, allowing me to choose the visuals to best suit my PC and what I preferred.

How to Download and install Bus Simulator 18 MAC Free

Follow the instructions bellow – this is a very simple, fast and primarily free.

  1. Click the button above “Download!”
  2. You start the installer game Bus Simulator 18
  3. Accept User License Agreement and choose path installation
  4. The installer will download all necessary files.
  5. After downloading go to installation.
  6. After installation, close application.
  7. PLAY!

Game Gallery Bus Simulator 18 Mac Download

Plus there was native track I R and Toby eye-tracking built into it. Meaning that any software that used those protocols would work as head trackers in the title. Creating a company I in new game Bus Simulator 18 for Mac Download was simple enough and a sandbox style mode seemed to be available or at least one way you could not go bankrupt as well as an RK style gameplay.

But since this is me, I went for realistic. After that, I had to create my own avatar, which was not something that seemed all too important, but nevertheless was nice to see getting into the game. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of depth at the title seemed to offer. Having avoided watching any videos of it beforehand.

Bus Simulator 18 Mac

I was expecting more of a driving focus SIM, uh, with little to nothing outside of profits and lost potential damage to a bus that was bought. I was expecting instead I was greeted with a tutorial that taught to me all about the features of a bus from unlocking doors to using the ticketing system, to teaching me about driving a route.

After finishing the editorial drive, I was given a very nice look, a nice looking interface where my primary goal was displayed as well as my roots, a large map that took up most of the screen and some buttons for different pages along the side that allowed me to view my drivers, buses, finances, and even connect to multiplayer, which is actually something that I don’t do in this review.

I’m looking forward to seeing if players make real the city maps on the steam workshop, which I feel would be incredibly popular as long as they are fully unlocked. Second, the soundbites of chatter become repetitive very, very quickly. And in many ways, start to become annoying to the point where you just want to mute the chatter.

But that in itself would detract from the feeling of driving a bus and coupled with the fact that the subtitles do not seem to match for the most part. I feel like this title has some quality control issues, especially as I also noticed that a bunch of tool tips referencing the unreal action buttons.

Bus Simulator 18 Download for Mac

In terms of buses, there are 12 licensed buses available all with different driving characteristics. And of course, different sizes. You start off with the Mercedes-Benz Toro K, which is small and relatively nimble. And you move your way up as you progress and unlock more buses to, for example, a cetera S four 16, which I’ve never actually seen here in the UK.

There was the mans lion city, eight 37. Uh, there was the new Iveco. Uh, so that was the Iveco urban way. And then you went onto a bendy buses and with the bendy buses you actually had, um, once like the Sitara G, which an 18 meter version of the overweight or the lion city CNG. And if like me, bendy buses are not your thing, then there is a central bus that is longer, but not bendy, sadly.

So instead of referencing a normal texts, that’s, you’d expect you and I to read it would reference the action button that you would find in unreal engine, something that would be linked to. And now this is for. Programmers and game developers, something that would be linked to the blueprints or, um, a variable in C or something like that.

And that’s what it seemed to be referencing, which I think just shows that there’s maybe a slightly less lack of quality control lastly. And probably most importantly, we have to talk about the AI. Now we all know how artificial intelligence can drastically change the playability and replay facts over title.

I couldn’t find any double Decker buses available, which I think would have been awesome to see and kind of added an extra challenge in terms of creating routes that have enough height clearance. So you’d only be able to stick certain buses along certain routes. Sticking with buses though, each bus can be customized with colors, liveries, and decals.

And we also know how hard it is to create a decent AI. Sadly, this game does fall short in that regard. Between the time I got this game and captured some of the footage that you’re seeing and the time that this review is coming out, there was an update. In fact, there have been two updates, uh, in one of them, the AI was certainly improved, but they still feel rather lackluster a bit unaware of surroundings.

Bus Simulator 18 Full Game Mac

And really this is where I found the steam workshop currently excels. Downloading some decals really gives the buses a more realistic feeling, getting the decals in the right place though lifts a bit fiddly, but with some patients can be done. Suddenly the bus seems far less plain and far more realistic with realistic logos back into driving.

I got around to testing three buses whilst grabbing footage and tried out all, all the different weather and time of day combinations. Bus Simulator 18 Mac definitely feels different and you do have to adapt your driving style to have the bus turning or slowing down at the right place. A larger bus on tighter streets.

Bus Simulator 18 Download

Definitely poses a challenge. Similarly, nighttime is a bit more of a challenge, not just in terms of things looking different, but the fact that less people are using the bus rate. However, it’s just something else. It was extremely hard to look in the mirrors and driving. It is far tougher because of that last night.

The little bits that pop up when driving such as having to use a ramp for a wheelchair user or bus stops, clothes, road, maintenance, et cetera, brings a depth that I really like in this title because it helps me each run just slightly different from the loss. And having that uniqueness on each journey is once I think will keep people coming back to this title.

Bus Simulator 18 Full Game

Inevitably a title like this will have some downsides and to make sure this is a balanced review of the title, which I actually do, like, uh, I will go through some of them now for the first has to be the map itself. It’s not a bad map at all, but it does get  Bus Simulator 18 Mac Download a little bit boring after a while because it just does not flow as well as a real city.

And the fact that there is just one map that needs sections to be unlocked is a definite downside. As you want a lot more areas, it definitely gets more interesting to play, but the grind just to get to certain points, for example, to unlock just the second area is just. It really ruins a gameplay. It really, really does.

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